Last Post, For Now At Least

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. I can't believe I haven't updated this since Ben was born. The biggest developments since then, of course, have been our graduation from medical school and our move to Florida (with a trip to Disney World thrown in between them for good measure).
With the start of residency in a couple of weeks, I'll almost certainly have even less time to blog than I did before, and since my updates have been pathetic recently anyways, Stef has agreed to take over the family blogging duties. So, for anyone who is still checking this (I wouldn't be. It's been idle for six months!), her blog can be found at ourfloridaadventures.blogspot.com. She's just now learning how to blog, so it may take a few days (or weeks), but she'll take over, showing our new house and sharing some pictures of all the fun we've already had and the fun yet to come here in Florida.


The New Addition

As most of you probably know by now, our family grew by one member on Friday. It was really perfect timing, with Kayle and Becky arriving on Tuesday, me not having classes Thursday or Friday, and also not having to travel for interviews until next Tuesday.

The days leading up to the delivery were hard on Stef. In fact, on Wednesday, she was having so much pain, that they sent her down to the hospital to be checked out, but by the time we got there, the pain had subsided, so we went home. Luckily, Grandma and Grandpa were around to occupy the boys.

They set up Christmas lights outside.
And they got a toy train that now drives around our Christmas tree.
The next day, on Thanksgiving, Stef started having pain again shortly before we left for dinner at Nana and Papa's. She tried to ignore it, but decided we needed to go in to the hospital literally at the very moment that everyone was sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner. We left Jack and Will in the capable hands of their four grandparents (and one great-grandma) and headed to the hospital.
Unfortunately, when we got to the hospital, despite all the pain Stef was in, she had not progressed much from her doctor's visit on Monday, so they decided to have her walk around in the hallways for an hour and a half before they rechecked her. This did not go over well with Stef, and in about 45 minutes, we were back in the triage area, at which time Stef proceeded to vomit up the few pieces of turkey she grabbed on the way out of Nana and Papa's. Due to the prolonged and juicy nature of the sounds coming out of our curtain, and the fact that there were two other pregnant ladies behind curtains of their own in the same room, they finally admitted Stef and gave her a room.

Once in her own room, Stef started to feel a little better...until the nurses tried to put in her IV, which she needed so she could get some fluids prior to her epidural. After the SIXTH failed attempt at starting the IV, they finally called in the big guns (the anesthesiologist), who got her IV inserted first try and then put in her epidural. It was pretty much smooth sailing after that.

Through most of the night, they used Pitocin to try to speed things up, but that wasn't getting the job done. So, at about 5:15 am they broke Stef's water, which really kicked things into high gear. About an hour after her water was broken, it was time to push, and about fifteen minutes later, Benjamin David Delorey came screaming into the world to an audible sigh of relief from Stef.
When Jack and Will woke up that morning, they prepared to come to the hospital to meet their new baby brother by having a nutritious breakfast of waffles and ice cream, provided by Grandpa.
Jack is not typically a big fan of ice cream because he says it's too cold.
But on this morning, his love of sugar won.
When they finally got to the hospital, Ben had presents for each of his brothers.
For Jack, a stuffed bunny.
And for Will, a stuffed dog.
Jack took to Ben quickly. Will was unsure, but, overall, the first visit went as good as could be hoped for.
Later that evening, Nana and Papa came to visit.
The next day, while Stef and Ben hung out at the hospital, Grandma, Grandpa, and I took Jack and Will to see Santa.
Jack (unprompted) asked for a school bus, a fire engine, a tv, a fireplace, and a big boy bed. Will pretended like Santa wasn't there.
After Santa, we took naps and then made another trip to visit Mommy and Ben.
Which brings us to today. One of my favorite parts of the "bringing home baby" day is when Stef is taking her shower and I get to sit in the hospital bed and hold the baby. I'm pretty sure I've done it with all three and it is seriously comfortable.
Before we left, we took of picture of Stef's beautiful flowers.
And of the beautiful view out her window...yeah, we kept the blinds closed most of the time.

And then, after the nurses explained to us how our car seat worked (despite the fact that it's the same car seat we used on our first two kids), they let us leave and we went home.
We've only had one evening at home and it's already pretty clear that our house will be pretty crazy for the next little while. Crazy awesome, that is.


Fall 2010

No, we're not dead. And we're not even THAT busy. Just haven't had much to blog about I guess. But we have been having a good time in Wisconsin this fall. Fall is a great time of year in Wisconsin. Cool, but not cold. Pretty leaves. And lots of delicious goodies.

With the beginning of fall, residency interview season is now underway. I've interviewed at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) and University of Wisconsin so far. I've got interviews set up at Virginia Mason Medical Center (Seattle, WA), University of Florida, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt (Nashville, TN), and University of Kentucky as well. I think that's about all I'll do, although I am still waiting to hear back from three more programs. It's been a fun process so far, but I'll be glad when Match Day is over (March 17) and we know where we'll be spending our next four years.


The Obligatory Ultrasound Shot

Four years ago, I was really excited to post Jacks ultrasound pics. By the third baby, however, it's sort of like, eh (with a shoulder shrug). Don't get me wrong, we're thrilled to have this guy join our family, and even more thrilled that he's got all his body parts in the right proportions, but when you've seen one of these ultrasound pictures, you've seen them all. For all you know, this could be Jack's, or Will's, or any other baby's fuzzy profile. But, here it is anyways. Enjoy. I'll even throw in one of the creepy 3D pictures.


Mackinac Island

This summer, Stef and I thought it was time to test the boys with a road trip. We wanted to start relatively small, so we decided to spend three nights camping near Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw...stupid French) Island, which is at the far end of the upper peninsula of Michigan, about a 6.5 hour drive (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mackinac_Island). The drive actually went surprisingly well, and we set up our gigantic new tent without too much difficulty. The low point of the trip, however, was the first night. We had some severe thunderstorms that resulted in us "sleeping" in the car. Jack and Stef laid down in the back and I sat in the front seat holding Will. For any of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Will recently, he's like a lead weight and he just about killed my left arm.

But things looked up from there. Nana came to join us the next day. The weather improved and we had a great time on the island. We visited historic Fort Mackinac, bought some fudge from a gift shop (which must be a big deal, since there were like 15 fudge shops on the main drag), and took a horse drawn carriage tour of the island (there are no public cars on the island, just two ambulances, two fire trucks, a cable repair truck, etc), which Jack had been very excited for and ended up sleeping through all but about two minutes of.

On the way back home, we stopped in Escanaba, MI, birth place of yours truly. I have no conscious memories of Escanaba, so it was cool to see where my life began. We even visited the corner apartment where I was born almost 29 years ago. It was still there, although I was a little disappointed to see that they haven't erected any sort of monument in my honor yet.


BYU Boys

Another photo shoot. There are some funny ones.


Our Boys

They're growing up!
*Disclaimer: Becky Neeley, Stef's mom, cut Will's hair before these pictures and must be publicly shamed for it. So, if you're wondering why Will looks like the son of Lloyd Christmas, that's why!


A Few More

Just a couple more pictures of the boys. Some from the end of our time in Arizona and Utah, and a few of the boys getting ready for church.

Christmas in Arizona

I don't know why it took so long for me to post these, but here are some pictures from our Christmas trip to Arizona.


Rest In Peace, Stinky Pooch

This past week was a tough one for our family. You may or may not know that Frankie has had a somewhat extensive history of infections in his mouth, resulting in several trips to the vet for tooth extractions, antibiotics, and pain medicines. While we were in Utah, his mouth got very painful again, so Nana took him to the leading dental vet in the Midwest for an evaluation. The vet explained that Frankie's problem was partly due to breeding issues (he had teeth that were to big for his mouth) and partly due to the fact that he wasn't producing enough saliva, probably a genetic issue. The only options for treatment were removing all or most of Frankie's teeth, with frequent professional dental cleanings, daily antibiotics, tooth brushing, and horrible tasting mouthwash that needed to be syringed into his mouth. Not only were those options beyond our abilities financially, there was no guarantee that they would even work, meaning Frankie could still go on with great pain in his mouth. Taking all that into consideration, we were forced to decide that it was time for Frankie to go live with Heavenly Father. When we told Jack, he said that it would be OK because Heavenly Father would give Frankie hugs and make him happy.

It's no secret that Frankie and I have not always had the smoothest relationship, but as I thought back over the past few years, many of my best memories of Stef's and my life together involved Frankie. He was always great with the boys (except the one time that he jumped into newborn Jack's play pen, but that was more Grandma Becky and Stef's fault than Frankie's), he kept our kitchen floor spotless, and he could warm up my feet on a cold Wisconsin winter's night. And most importantly, he made Stef happy, which made his existence in our house more than worth the incessant barking and accumulating poop. So, until we meet again Frankie, we will miss you...yes, all of us.